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Actresses Head Shots Portfolios as A Photographers’ Business Model

That could be one of hints that can help you understand varieties of headshots. There are at least three types of headshots: commercial, theatrical and business. Commercial headshots would remind you of a series of actresses’ headshots taken to show their persona. Their faces’ characteristics have to be shown up through the photos, supported by appropriate background which can all basically help the actresses achieve particular roles in movies or plays..

Different Ways to Marketing Your Photography Business

Photography can be a very great source to make money. Well, there have been lots of people proven that, including a friend of mine who started his career without expecting for it. He did photography as something he loves. But then, he develop his photography skill gradually, as well as his business perspective. He seemed to start realizing that his hobby can turn into a profitable field.


Ideal Winter Photography

You can choose to stay home as most people do during this season, or go out of it to discover magnificent scenes. Winter has its own attractiveness. Sometimes it creates creepy atmosphere but at other times, winter brings a sense of calmness and silence. It depicts a moment after things are vanished by something so violent that what is left on the ground is only cold materials.


Best Practices in Music Production: Mixing Using the Boss BR-600 Recorder

If you are an aspiring musician, mastering on guitar and drum, this machine could be a little touch of joy you can get. There have been a number of users saying that Boss BR-600 Digital Recorder is a quite reliable tool to help them mix music. A great varieties of sound effects is one of the upsides that tried to be offered through this recorder...

School Yard Photo Hints

Through photography, we can reveal either dark side or bright side of an object. One can show how glorious the sun hanging above a wide border-less land. But, on another picture, with the same object as focus but different perspective, the sun can be expressed as a frightening object that can eat up the whole universe at once...

Written by Alexandre Verdageur — October 14, 2016

Autumn Photography Ideas

It may not be among your favorite seasons, but autumn is definitely an awesome moment to capture and remember. During this chilly season, there might be some people who still cannot move on from their outdoor fun, while others have realized that they must prepare for the cold days which is by staying at their home...

Written by Alexandre Verdageur — September 19, 2016

Unforgettable Summertime Photography

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                    Summertime! A time for just relax and find yourself again. For a photographer, whether you are a pro or an amateur, this special season surely challenge you to get special moment which is worth enough to wait. Here we give you some idea based on various trends for your summertime photograph masterpiece!.
Determine your Target and Stick on It!

No one can deny that summertime is a perfect time to enjoy leisure time with family, friends or our beloved one. Thus, why do not try to find best capturing moment in places that are identical with summertime: beach! It sandy seashore with glittering sands, completed with beautiful coral surely attracted people to visit this place. Capturing happy and warm smile from people while they are doing beach volley, family barbeque or just spending time reading their long awaited novel is one of our recommendation for your summertime photograph.

Besides beach, summer is also strongly related to holiday. Why do you not try to find best summertime photograph by visiting some iconic place in your town? We know that family, friends or couple tends to visit these places to spend a beautiful sunny day. Place when people summoned together tend to give us vibrant energy. Try to deliver this universal message by capturing their happy expression in holiday. A temple, museum, a zoo, Natural Park or just a shopping arcade can easily offer you the best moment of summer activity that people longing for. It is easy to feel the togetherness seeing people enjoy fresh air in the Natural Park or watch a kid full of curiosity beside a sight of cute elephants. Or if you are in strong mood to evoke public interest, you can capture how the staff or crew in those public place doing their job when the others people spend their holiday. Just be sure you focused and persistent to your early target.

Time and serenity, the universal theme

Want to escape from daily routine activity in summertime? Relaxing your body, mind and soul by capturing summertime photograph on your Local Park or public space. You do not need spend your time on money to find this place, don’t you? You just need to wake up in early morning, just go , bring your camera and find your best moment! It doesn’t matter whether you capture the first sun ray in the morning and embrace it serenity. Or you just want to touch your viewer hearts by capturing people ordinary activity in this early day. Surely you do not just produce a photograph, but you have already tell the viewer strong message of your picture.

Camera Filters for Summer

For some of us, camera filter problem can be turn from simple cliché problem into disastrous moment if we do not anticipate the problem well. In here we give you some useful tips, for choosing best...

Capturing Dynamic Sports Photography

Becoming an amateur photographer does not mean that you cannot push your limit in to something challenging. Yes, capturing sports photographs maybe for some of us is quite tricky. With those rapid movements,...

Written by Maria Fernanda Gonzalez — July 13, 2016

Following Childrens Paces is the Key

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                  Children's photography can be categorized as a challenging task as its very difficult to ask them to stay in front of the camera, be still for a moment, look at the camera and smile. Children with their full of power and energy usually move a lot so it makes the photographer difficult to capture the moment in the best result of photo, instead it is blur or out-of-focus photographs. However, you do not need to be desperate as there some key points in photographing children methods you can try to capture the photo of children in the best quality.

Forget All Formal Setting

Photographing children method are different from the adult so it does not need to be in formal settings or posed shot by saying “cheese” in front of the camera. Formal setting is not the ideal for children as they cannot show their unique personality. Instead, you are able to apply a relaxed and casual environment so that you can capture candid images when children are playing around naturally. The photo will be more alive as candid image shows the real of them. Not only in children, candid photography for adult also produces great photos because the subject is relaxed and reflects the subject in real. In the children photography, it is the job of photographer to find the natural smiles, expressions, and every single moment from what children are doing.

In addition, the location is also the other consideration in photographing children method. Be sure that the photo location gives the space for children to play or do their activities freely. Let them in their world as it is your valuable moment to capture the photo with your camera and all related equipment.

Children do not Follow You, but You do

As children are powered by thousands energy, they move a lot from one place to another in a very short period of time. So, the photographer should be very focus on children activities and always keep shooting to get the photo which represents them in real.
The countless movement of children also impacts to the setting of camera. Set the camera to its fastest shutter speed and use a high ISO for ‘freezing’ high speed moments.


Note that you have variation in the shots so that your photos will not be monotonous. If you have enough number of full-body shots, you can move to focus on children busy hands, their little feet as well as faces. To be noted, if the children do not enjoy with the camera, it is recommended that you take the photo shot on another day. Furthermore, you can involve them to take pictures in return and show them the result of images. This approach is the alternatives to introduce and attract the children’s interest in the photography world. Eventually, it is very important to make the activity of photo shooting in fun atmosphere so that the children will want to do it again another time.



Affordable Compact Flash Cards

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Actresses Head Shots Portfolios as A Photographers’ Business Model

  Headshots could be one of the most common angles a photographer has ever tried to take. But, do you know that headshots come in a variety of looks and...

Different Ways to Marketing Your Photography Business

  Photography can be a very great source to make money. Well, there have been lots of people proven that, including a friend of mine who started his career without...

Ideal Winter Photography

    You can choose to stay home as most people do during this season, or go out of it to discover magnificent scenes. Winter has its own attractiveness. Sometimes...

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