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                      Now a day you will hear lots about photo booth, well its vending machine which contains automated camera and film processor. Usually for passport size photos these photo booths are used. They work on a coin operating system. Now a day’s these photo booths are also rented for parties like teenagers parties, wedding reception, etc. for a short span of time. This is the best way in which a photographer can increase his business. But before starting your business, you need to have some basic knowledge about booth photography and its pros and cons.


For starting a business, you need a few thousands of dollars, a bit of ambition and a powerful support from your loved ones. Photo booth business always helps in making at least $400 per day. For starting a photo booth business, you need certain equipment's like two or three DSLR cameras, highly modified touch screen monitors, well equipped booth and high quality website to allow Facebook sharing later on.


Now let’s talk about some hardware and equipment. The booth used for this business should be easy to assemble or disassemble for the ease of convenience and storing. Camera used should be of high resolution and good video capability. The other things which should be kept in mind are the type’s photo ink, laptop, touch screen monitor etc used in photo booth machine. If you want to buy the whole set of photo booth, then “strike a pose” is the best manufacturer in the industry.


Once you are done setting up your photo booth, then you should start advertising your business. The best way of advertising a business is via the website. Also you can advertise your business through Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, wedding wire etc. If you are going to set a photo booth for parties, then you should have some advertising strategy in your mind like setting up a theme in your booth, giving attractive discounts for teenager and easy to use equipment.


Photo booth requires low investment and proper strategy. Photo booth in parties attracts many customers, especially teenagers because it can capture small and special moments with their loved ones in no time and they can get their picture in a very short span of time. Now a day, also these photo booths have become popular in many college events, wedding ceremonies, baby shower etc. One day will come when photo booths will become more popular and low cost than hiring a professional photographer for capturing special moments.

Written by Alexandre Verdageur — May 12, 2016

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