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Review appreciated - appropriately thorough and fair. I see no need to argue over a number myself; it is ultimately a calculation never claimed to be completely divorced from subjectivity. But questions relating to the math are part of the game here. Fair enough to ask.

My take away is that, as expected, this is a very capable camera. Admittedly I did not read the entire comment thread but I noticed some of the same tired rhetoric about the limited image quality of the m4/3 sensors. It is not tired because it is untrue. It is true. But the reality is that, following an expected arc of technology, the quality gap (according to all major determiners) between sensor sizes is decreasing. And very impressive results, if you consider the industry as a whole, can be had lower and lower down the camera hierarchy, shifting the location of what is considered professional equipment. Of course, camera format will always be driven by what's best in a variety of circumstances. I'm sort of surprised that many professional photographers seem to ignore this, while knowing it is true, to argue value as exclusively linked to best image quality calculated, seemingly, in microns. [This condition should not be confused with frustrations with popular perception that a mobile phone camera is next to as good as any - that is an entirely different color of horse] I suppose what we have is what we have always in this regard: a soup of psychological motivations, some more respectable than others, to protect the territory of the professional. What seems misguided is that investment in, and mastery of, the technical is just one part of the creative equation. So, while this camera is perhaps no threat in certain contexts to APS-C or full frame DSLR's, they are becoming very viable alternatives for the professional in many applications. And this is our reality - $6k doesn't buy us quite the advantage it once did. And that is fine with me.

Written by Jeff Keller — November 18, 2013

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