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Please note that my liking a camera does not mean I don't like others. I gave the SL1 a gold award and I gave both iterations of the K-5 II a gold award. Many Pentaxians vilified me because I had items in the Con box. We always have items in the Con box, because there is no perfect camera for everyone. I cannot possibly include "but Pentax makes great cameras too, and they're also small and waterproof," in every review of a non-Pentax camera. I'm glad you're happy with your Pentax cameras. I agree they're great and also fun to use. But I can't afford to own every brand of camera, particularly system cameras. I would if I could, and at least one Pentax would be among them. I happen to like EOS lenses, and have owned them since 1990. I also like Canon color and metering; it's a taste, much like my affinity for Kodakchrome and Tri-X. Finally, it truly should not surprise you that a camera review website would ask its reviewers to post an opinion. It's what we do here.

Written by The Editors — December 11, 2013

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