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                     Spring is the beautiful and amazing season which is refreshing and colorful.  Various objects of spring, such as beautiful blooming flowers, enchanting landscape, emotions and love, refreshing evening breeze, showers, and many others can be captured  in wide range of bright and beautiful vivid colors like pink, green, blue, yellow, purple, and all its combinations. What a wonderful shot!

For the beginner photographer, there are some tricks to have springtime photography ideas so that the result would be the best and satisfying.

Ideas of Flower Photography

Background is very important in flower photography. Different angle will be able to make different nuance. Capturing a single flower might be challenging, particularly for the beginners, so that special trick is required to get the best result.  A beginner can use a solid piece of green poster board which is placed a little further back from the flower instead of directly behind the flower. This will give the effect of soft green color that the flower will pop well in the photo. Commonly, in the flower photography, people focus on the stamen or center part of a flower. Try something anti mainstream, for instance focus on the edge of a petal. For sure, it will give you fabulous result. Another idea is that focusing your lens on the insect surrounded the flower. It will be also become interesting springtime photography ideas.

Ideas of Playing with the Camera

In order to have the best flower photography, it is important to ensure that your camera has been set to the macro/close-up mode or a wide open f-stop on the lens. If you set f-stop in small number, you will have the shallow photo’s depth-of-field so that the background resulted is softer color which frame the flower beautifully. In addition, playing with the light will also affect the result of photo. If the light is too much, do not hesitate to use something to shade the object as well as the background so that you will get the rich color you desire.

Among those ideas, the thing that can be done to get the best photos is through practicing and experimenting.  You can try to use the setting in your camera you have not used before as the part of experiment. The principle that you have to always keep in mind is that the more you are practicing capturing the object, setting up the camera, trying new technique, the better the result of your photos and the more skillful you are in photography field.

Written by Darren Rowse — June 03, 2016

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