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             Summer, yes, if we are talking about summer it is closely related to the time for going to the beach. In the field of photography, beach offers unlimited amount of objects and opportunities to capture for it has natural beauty, color, interesting and ever-changing lighting, horizons, sandy beach bums, sea creatures, and many others. Despite of it, you need to be very careful at the same time as beach also gives you a variety of challenges including camera damage.

Having summer vacation to the beach with family or friends will not be complete without taking picture on the moments, including the nature and also the people. Of course, we want to get the best result of photo shoot we have. Here are some beach photography ideas you can apply in order to have satisfying and memorable photos.

Ideas of Photo Shooting

In order to get the best shoot, you should consider the rule of thirds and the timing you give your shot. Pressing your camera shatter during the magic hours on the beach, for instance just after sunrise and just before sunset, will give spectacular beach photos. In addition, the most important thing you have to think over in order to get the best photograph is your creativity, including creative in selecting subjects, creative in setting up lighting, and creative in the object composition.

How should I Pose?
There are thousands of inspirations of taking shoot you can have for the beach themed photograph, such as write a message in the sand, play with shadows, include interesting and subjects found on the beach, get your subjects to pose in interesting ways.
Sand is one of the media to make interesting beach photo. You can write on message to be someone such as I miss you, I love you, date of taking picture of special date of special moment, or your name. They will be always interesting subjects you can capture in the photo.

The other beach photography idea is that playing with shadow can be one of the alternatives of cool beach photos. You can take the position of the sun to determine the position of subject you will capture. Besides, playing with the lighting is not only about taking shot on magical hours. In the broader range, it is also about how the photographer creatively applies the technique to position the object and the source of the light to produce good silhouette photos.

On the beach, as stated previously, we can explore not only landscape but also your family/friends posing in interesting ways can be the other options of photo. Being candid can result the interesting shots. Capturing interesting textures and tracks in the sand will also give you the opportunity to get the best photo shot. If you are facilitated by waterproof cameras, try to shoot underwater images. It will give you the ne experience and sensation of photography.

Written by Maria Fernanda Gonzalez — May 20, 2016

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