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If you are in the business of storing things for use at another time or even location, then you are likely also familiar with how the compact flash memory card has helped millions over the last 20 years or so. Compact Flash cards come in many different storage configurations that max out around 128GB, but the prices go right along as the configurations climb. You can get a compact memory flash card for your DSLR camera that is just 16GB or 32GB for less than $60 in most cases. Just getting extra storage is only part of the game when it comes to selecting the one that is right for you.

Compact Flash Memory Cards also come with different speeds that they allow data to be written to them. The larger the file is, the faster you want it written to the card so that you are not interrupted by the process. In the DSLR world, you might be taking photos of something like a football game and with the action moving so quickly you would want the card to be written to quickly so that you can take more pictures of the action without skipping a beat. Generally, those cards that come with solid state capacities and looking back to 2004, the first 5GB card was released, with an 8GB version the next year.

Now you can get some very quick, compact flash memory cards with more than 100GB of storage, but the most popular is going to be the 32GB option. Storing your photos with a DSLR camera is not the only use that a compact flash card has. You could also be using a keyboard to make music and the small, portable storage options are nice if you are going to be making music at home, a studio or another location as they are easy to travel with and insert into compatible hardware. There are so many brands that offer compact flash memory cards these days, but really there are only a few that are reliable and cost effective, especially if you are going to be using them for work data.

Storing music, videos, and photos to share with others is so easy with a compact flash card that has become the main reason to use them. You can also store games and other data from your computer with the use of a flash card ready. Compared to other portable storage types, the compact flash memory cards are more rugged keeping your data safer than an external hard drive that can be damaged if dropped. Because they are thicker in size, they are also less susceptible to damage and the fact that the cards use the IDE/ATA command protocol they can be used as external storage for a person computer, as previously mentioned.

Some of the things that could be considered bad with compact flash memory cards is that they are larger in size and that limits their use in devices were space might be limited like point and shoot cameras or even some smartphones. According to some websites that test and review compact flash cards to compile a list of the best CF cards on the market and they include the Transcend 32GB 400x compact flash card that you can get discounted on the Amazon website. The Kingston 16GB 266x compact flash card is also one of the top rated cards on the market today. SanDisk also has a top rated card on the market that is the SDCFH-004G-A11 and that is a 4GB model that can transfer 30MB/s and is priced at less than $20 in most cases.

A few of the photography shops that post products online also reviewed the fastest CF cards on the market. According to at least one of them, the fastest compact flash memory brands include the Lexar Professional 1000x which comes in 128GB capacity, the SanDisk Extreme Pro which can transfer at 100MB/s and has 128GB of storage as well. Delkin Devices also has a compact flash memory card with up to 256GB of storage and the company’s cards can also transfer data at up to 150MB/s. With technology changing on a weekly basis there are more companies than the ones listed here that are trying to get you more storage in less space and in the end it can only help you no matter what you are using the cards for.

Written by John S — February 09, 2014

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