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When you think about the types of compact flash cards that are for sale on the market today, there might only be a few brands that pop into your head. SanDisk is sure to be one of them, but if it is not, let me give you a few reasons why you need to consider the company for your next compact flash card purchase. In terms of using memory cards to fill up with photos from your DSLR there are a couple factors to keep in mind and the main one is speed of transfer, while the next might be the actually storage capacity.

SanDisk can help you with both of those things and if you want a faster transfer speed and more storage, the Extreme Pro 32GB option from the company might be a good place to start. The compact flash memory card can transfer data at 90MB/s which makes continuous shooting a lot easier than if you were to be using an older card that cannot empty your camera’s buffer fast enough. Shooting in RAW format is also something that might be required by a photographer as it gives them more control of the image in post processing and that is where 32GB of storage comes in.

The SanDisk Extreme Pro compact flash memory card offers plenty of speed and even more storage. Photographers are not the only ones that benefit from the features that are built into these cards, there are just as many videographers that require space for HD recording, which is another place that speed would be a factor when talking about transfer rates. SanDisk explains that its cards are tested to perform to -13 degrees and in the harshest climates, which is another reason to look into them as another compact flash card option.

Written by John S — February 24, 2014

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