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If you are in the photography game, then you are well aware of being at a location and not having enough storage. You might leave the house and think you are all set only to find out that you arrived at the location and you are going to have a good day. A “good day” to a photographer could be one where he fills up all of his compact flash cards. Since I have been taking photos, which is going on two years now, I have always dreamed of getting to a location off the beaten path and blowing through all of the 16GB compact flash cards that I have along with me.

It might seem that it would take a lot of photos to accomplish this, but when you are shooting RAW format with an 18MP sensor, the images are large and the space gets filled up quickly. The best thing you can do to avoid this from happening again is to pick up some additional 16GB cards, get the top of the line 128GB cards or look into cloud storage that can be utilized via the Eye-Fi compact flash cards. Cloud storage can help in some cases, but you are going to eat through your data usage via tablet or smartphone that is for sure. My take on it is that if I find a location that allows me to fill compact flash memory cards, I stick with them!

Written by John S — February 20, 2014

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