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When it comes to the DSLR world, a lot of people are thinking about still photos, but one of the features of the newer DSLR cameras is the fact that they can record in 1080p HD. The 1080p resolution has been around for some time now and with 2k and 4k resolutions coming to televisions, smartphones and DSLRs someday, the need for super fast compact flash memory cards is very evident. When a DSLR is recording video, it is taking a large amount of frames per second and sending it to your memory source.

Most of the cameras on the market are recording 1080p HD at 60 frames per second and that is a lot of information. In order to get ALL of the possible frames transferred, a compact flash memory card that can transfer 300Mb/s could be required at a minimum. Recording in high resolution can be very exciting, especially if you are working with a client that would like to see it on the end product. Companies like SanDisk, Lexar and Kingston make cards that can transfer the data, but the price might surprise you. A SanDisk Extreme 64GB memory card with a transfer rate of 90Mb/s will cost you more than $300 easily. At the same time you could pick up a SanDisk Extreme Pro that has 32GB of storage and it will still transfer at the same 90Mb/s, but you are going to pay more than $150 for one card.

In summary, it pays to make sure you have the right equipment if you truly want to record in 1080p HD. The higher resolution is perfect for weddings or sporting events, either way you do not want to miss one single frame.

Written by John S — March 08, 2014

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