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I take a ton of photos with my new DSLR and when it comes down to getting just the right image, I am hoping that two things do not happen. The battery running out of power and my memory cards becoming full. It is not that easy to fill up a compact flash memory card, however, if you are shooting in RAW+JPEG mode, the camera take 2 photos for each shot and stores them. With every single click of your shutter button, the memory card is storing two images that are in large format and this can take up a lot of space.

One of the most popular compact flash memory card companies is Sandisk and they offer more options for your camera than ever before. You can get a card for everyday usage as well as one that can write to memory faster than anything you have ever seen. Granted you are going to pay for the features the card offers, but when you are looking to take high resolution photos or HD video, the faster the compact flash card the better. If you have a Canon DSLR like I do, Sandisk offers plenty of options for that camera, including the SanDisk Extreme SDXC UHS-1 card that comes up to 128GB.

With write speeds up to 45MB/s, you are going to be in heaven without having to worry about your memory. If you can fill up 128GB of one memory card then you should think about being more selective with your photos.I prefer to have a bunch of these Compact Flash on hand in 16GB because they are more affordable, and if one gets damaged or lost I always have a back up on hand just in case of that disaster which can occur, takes place at a bad time, like where CF are only available at full retail price, and these days who likes paying $200 for something they can easily get for less online?

Written by John S — March 23, 2014

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