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The best part about having a new camera is the fact that you can collect memories to enjoy in the years to come. Most new cameras will have an option for adding a compact flash memory card to them for extra storage. Even though most of the time, photographers will take the photos stored on the memory and upload them to a computer, there is another option for you if you want to keep all of the wonderful memories that you captured. As a photographer, you technically only have to remove the pictures from the compact flash memory cards if you want to use the card for something else. You can fill up the card; leave the images there and the file the cards in order to be able to find them later on in life.

Compact flash memory cards are typically small, so they can be lost very easily if they are not cared for properly. Some of them even provide you with up to 128GB of extra storage, but the cost is equally higher for the most storage possible. Compact flash memory cards also come in a wide variety of speeds. The different speeds allow for the transfer of images, the higher the speed the faster the card. If you have a faster card, you can also record video in HD compared to slower cards that cannot handle that amount of data transfer.

Written by John S — May 15, 2014

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