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Photography outdoors is fun and full of enjoyment. It requires keen outlook over essential requirements and full indoor studio settings held in a single bag. Photography in nature and woods is one of the most interesting areas in taking photographs. The natural lights and surroundings create genuine snapshots. But there are lot of equipment which are required while shooting outdoors. According to daylight and nightlight the equipment  vary greatly   for capturing snapshots. For instance, tripod and flash are used for taking pictures at dark places. Polarized filter and different lens are used for day shooting mainly while taking pictures of sky, clouds, waterfalls, etc.

Essential Equipment for Outdoor Photography
There are many essentials required while going out for photography. Photographers must carry all equipment, as the need to use equipment can arise anywhere and anytime. I assembled my own list of items I always bring with me; Some equipment are compiled below:

  • Extra Camera Batteries: The Camera battery is the first and foremost thing required before the start of  the photo-shoot. One must carry spare battery backups because the battery can die anytime during photographing. Usually batteries have a standby of almost 12 hours. Still photographer should be at safer side and and have at least two spare camera battery when packing their bag. If possible one should also keep a spare battery charger. Battery chargers are best alternatives for extra camera batteries.

  • Flash: Many cameras have built-in flash, but those flash's are of no use while taking pictures outdoors. Photography for nature requires good back light and this requires a strong and effective flash to focus the object. For Example, Nikon and Canon external flash are the most recommended brands.

  • Tripod: A  three leg stand which is used to hold the gear or camera over it is best. This is generally used to take still photographs. Using tripod is not necessary but if one is planning for some stills and close-ups, then a tripod is a must. There are many branded and local tripods available on the market. Try to buy the most reliable tripod.

  • CF Cards: Photographer must carry  CF cards for more storage. Because the internal memory of the camera is never enough to take large numbers of photographs. Now CF memory cards are available at very low in :-).

Written by Thelma Nurman — June 12, 2014

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