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A photographer always looks for a defining moment that when captured, gives him the recognition of a lifetime. But for a complete uninterrupted photo shooting experience the photographer in addition to his SLR camera must make sure that he has certain "goods" that would provide him with all the juice required for being out or on location. This would allow the photographer to take his favorite shots and earn the "name and fame" that he’s entitled to. But all of this would not be possible if his equipment fails him
Some of the accessories required for preventing failure are mentioned below-

1. Extra cf cards which are available on this very website- Cheap compact flash cards are nice to have plenty of especially when photographers run out of memory for further shooting, especially in summer or school time. Generally photographers shoot multiple shots for the same subject and later sort out the best picture back in their workplace or studios. Now these memory cards have decent write speeds and have full HD recording and picture taking capacity all at an inexpensive price allowing one to bring plenty of extras.

2. DSLR’s require large chunks of memory for a single photograph, therefore having many cheap cf cards are of utmost importance to a photographer. These are available in large memories (1GB, 8GB, and 16GB) and help replenish the vital space needed for shooting. Most photographers use 16GB compact flash memory card for memory solutions but some opt for less. In a nutshell these are ideal for full HD recording via video cameras (DSLR’s) and HD camcorders.

3. MH-23 Quick Chargers- This charger charges your camera’s batteries especially in summer or school time and replenishes your cameras’ batteries to ensure you never run out of juice. These charge your depleted batteries quickly so that you enjoy what you enjoy most and never run out of power, even in the remote areas the MH-23 or MH-24 Quick Charger packs quite a punch when your in trouble and your “low battery” signal comes on.

The Mh-23 is a Nikon’s product and is compatible with the D3000, D60, D5000, D40 and many others all of which are Nikon’s cameras. These can charge only rechargeable Li-Ion batteries of preferably Nikon’s cameras and have good reviews from the customers.

Thus we see that these two are the most vital equipment that are essential for any photographers for uninterrupted photo shooting so that they never miss out valuable photo operations that will never happen again. So to capture the perfect moments, it is essential that a good DSLR always has two things, a charger for unlimited juice and memory storage for unlimited pictures and videos.

Written by Thelma Nurman — July 18, 2014



Beautiful winter woaenrlndd scene! Gorgeous. I’m getting out to take shots today and am hoping for this kind of result (minus the beautiful blue sky). There something like 30 centimeters that feel overnight and it’s going to continue until tomorrow wow! Oh, that’s in Montreal

March 21 2015

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