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           With a host of camera chargers in the market, it could become difficult for you to find something that you would truly suit your camera. I have had a look at a number of battery chargers in the past, including generic as well as branded chargers. The differences are many and the features are also highly variable. In spite of the tough competition, I have selected three chargers that would really be great for your camera. Though all three of these chargers cost way higher than their generic counterparts, their build and quality is generally better which evens out the price in the long run. Take a look.

  • Nikon MH-23 Quick Charger- this charger works for EN-EL9 Li-Ion batteries that are used for a number of Nikon cameras, right from the D40 to the D5000 and everything in between. With 100V-240V input and 8.4V-9.0 output, this your standard battery chargers. Although this charger doesn’t come with a lot of fantastic features and frills, it is the charger that you would always want to keep with you. It comes with a separate power cord. The charging is really quick as well as efficient. If you want a charger that would simply do its work instead of making you feel confused about the replacement for your original camera charger, this is what you should be buying.

  • Nikon MH-24 Quick Charger- another great charger from the Nikon stable, it can charge a battery within 2 hours with ease. It works for EN-EL14 Li-Ion batteries only. It is compatible with the D3100 and D5100 range but will also work equally well with the P7000 digital camera. It comes with a foldable plug because of which it really easy to carry. I am pretty impressed with the charging time. Overall, a good choice for most of the D3100 and D5100 owners.

  • Canon LC-E6E Charger- this is a personal favorite and definitely delivers in terms of quality and performance. The charger can be used with the EOS 5D Mark II and 5D Mark III cameras. However, it will also be used for the DSLR range with 7D and 60D cameras as they use the same LP-E6 battery back. The charger is good for travelers it comes with 2-prong design and 100-240V AC power needs which can be received anywhere in the world. The charger doesn’t need any separate cords and can be plugged right into the wall socket.

If you are using Canon and Nikon cameras, then you must definitely be trying to make sure that you buy these ones instead of the cheaper alternatives longer term it will be worth it.

Written by Thelma Nurman — August 04, 2014

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