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Taking photographs for school events can sometimes become a challenge because of multiple issues. It is important to know some tricks so that you can click good photographs for school events such as school plays and other activities like sports, dance, debates, etc. You also need good photos of students for the student yearbook. To ensure that capture excellent photos, follow some simple tips.

First of all you need your camera and all accessories or supporting equipment ready. Make sure you have a good flash card inside your camera to store the images. You do not need an expensive flash card; a cheap compact flash card will do. You can consider buying a Sandisk compact flash for storing images. If you are looking for the best compact flash card at a low price range then this can be the right choice.

A Sandisk compact flash is not a cheap compact flash card , but is compatible with high-end devices and high-resolution DSLR cameras. It is the best compact flash card because of its quick transfer rate and ability to store high-quality photos and videos instantly after clicking or recording. Do not buy just one compact flash. Keep another flash memory card with you in case you need it.

But simply buying the best compact flash card and using a high resolution DSLR camera is not enough for good photography. You have to position yourself correctly while taking a picture. If you are capturing the face of a student while he is performing some actions such as dancing, running, or playing a game then you need to adjust your camera settings. Use a high shutter speed to capture moving images without blurs.

If you are capturing photos for a school play then, it is best to occupy a good position well before the start of the play. Arrive at the place early and quickly find out a good spot from where you can easily take photos. You need to take into account the light conditions of the place. If you are using a high shutter speed indoors then the captured images might be dark because of underexposure. So the right balance is necessary while shooting actions of people indoors. Try to capture a subject while he/she is not moving on stage.

When you are taking some picture outdoors for the student yearbook, keep in mind that the background should not blend with the subject. The focus should be on the subject, not the background. Don’t always ask them to stare at the camera unless you are taking a group picture. Capturing images of students laughing around or posing together always look good on the yearbook.
Keep these things in mind and you will do great. So take your DSLR camera, put a descent compact flash card in it and get going.

Written by Thelma Nurman — September 13, 2014

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