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Portrait photography is a photograph that focuses on the person's face. It seems to be an easy task, but it is not. It is a critical piece of work. To get the best portrait of a person, you should be equipped with the important things like camera, compact flash cards, and its supporting stand and battery charger. After getting access to all this, you can start taking headshots. Let’s go through some of the tips on taking perfect portrait.

1. Focus on the eyes:
The eyes are considered to be the main focus of the face, so it becomes important to achieve a crisp and sharp eye shot of a person. Focus on the expression of it, to draw attention of the view there.

2. Angle is important:
If you want to get close up look, then the angle plays an important role. For this, you need to adjust your compact flash card accordingly; so that too much flash is not reflected in the photo and you get a perfect picture. Try to keep the angle of the camera and the flash card, in such a way that is co-ordinate with each other, to get the shot of the best feature of a person's to be shot.

3. Little modification:
It’s a fact that nobody has a perfect skin; it does have some blemishes and pimples. But in portrait picture, you need to count that out, and that would be possible because of your camera and flash card. If it is property placed then, the skin will look much better. If still some problem is seen in it; then simply take the help of the Photoshop software.

4. Expression is important:
Even though, you are equipped with everything, still if the person whose portrait is to be taken is expressionless, then there is no meaning of the whole shoot. So it becomes your duty to guide the person, to give the perfect expression what the shoot is demanding for.

5. Proper use of lens:
Picture that is out of focus is of no use. So it becomes important to use the lens in such a way that the focus is on the head shot; here you should take care of the hairline, which should be visible properly. It is important to have a sharp picture, rather then getting something that is not able to attract the viewers to itself.

Written by Lucy Portman — September 30, 2014

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