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                  Many people have been using cameras to capture unforgettable moments as their photos can be kept in either their photo albums or their computers. The demand of photos is on the rise – mainly because many people are interested in sharing landscape photos among their friends and family via social networking sites like Facebook, Tumblr and Flickr.

And since the camera technology has been continuously improving over time, it enables camera users to experience a better photo-taking process and take better pictures with vivid colors intact.

Most people adore landscape photographs as it captures the beautiful scenery that illustrate the abstract elements which are perfected by several basic components of photography – composition, perspective, and lighting. However, many have not known that they can produce such quality landscape photos with the solely use of compact digital camera.

Here are some tips to improve your landscape photography:

Tip #1: Always practice your photo shoot under good weather conditions

It’s definitely pointless to take pictures under bad weather – i.e. stormy and rainy weather. Thus, reschedule your photo taking sessions when you’re unable to take landscape pictures in a bad weather. It’s not worth risking your life (and passion) to take pictures under extreme conditions.

Tip #2: Find a good time for your photo-taking sessions

Always choose the right timing for your photo-taking sessions. For example, if a scenery worth to be captured under dim light conditions – therefore, you can take pictures in the evenings. In some circumstances, you need to be at the scene a bit earlier in order to get yourself prepare to the surroundings and to make necessary adjustments. For most photographers, most of them avoid taking photos during afternoon because of the over-illumination problem that affect the clearness of the landscape picture.

Tip #3: Use a carbon-made tripod to take landscape photos at different angles

Most compact cameras have shock-proof feature but that doesn’t mean it’s entirely solid-proof. Thus, you need to rely on carbon-made tripod to take pictures at different angles especially for those difficult shots that are taken at specific angles. It is also a perfect tool of preventing “shaky” images that can spoil the whole landscape picture.

Tip #4: Use the wide-angle lens for more zoomed-out shoots

Although wide-angle lens in compact digital cameras have its limitations, it’s still capable to take spectacular zoomed-out shots. For instance, Canon PowerShot SD800 IS has 3.5 mm wide-angle optical zoom with Optical Image Stabilizer technology, which has the ability of taking long-shots without concerning much about having blurry images.

Written by Thelma Nurman — December 10, 2014

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