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                 Some of the most essential digital photography accessories are a memory card or correct film (if using a film camera), a tripod, filters, a light meter and a cable release, to keep those long-range shots clear. There are many other accessories one can purchase, but these are worth the extra expense if you want to be a serious landscape photographer.

A memory card is essential when taking digital photographs. You may want to purchase an extra one to carry along on those extra-long excursions.

If you’re using a film camera instead of a digital camera, you’ll need plenty of extra film on hand. Fuji Velvia is the best choice for nature and landscape photography. It comes in two speeds of ISO 50 and ISO 100. There are some scenes that are perfect when photographed in black and white, so if you are using a film camera be sure to bring along plenty of black and white film just in case.

Tripods are necessary to keep your images sharp. Shooting your pictures in slow speed—using a shutter speed of less than 1/60 second—will give your pictures depth. A small aperture will maximize that depth-of-field, which is an impossible task when you are holding your camera in your hand alone.

There are many tripod options to choose from, but make sure you have one that has legs that spread wide, in order to give your camera stability so there are no vibrations. Also, a tripod made from carbon fibers is lightweight and sturdy, which makes it easy to transport.

Filters will add a little spice and life to your images and they won’t take up too much room when you venture out, so they are well worth the investment. There are many filters on the market today, but the most useful for landscape photography would be a polarizing filter and a Neutral Density filter.

Warm-up filters will help when the light is cool. The 81 series polarizing filter brings warmth to your image by balancing the light. This filter should be at the top of your list. But for those tough exposures such as too much brightness from the sky, use a Neutral Density filter—a 0.3, 0.6 and 0.9 will help with exposure without affecting the color of the image.

A hand-held light meter is small and lightweight, yet very valuable when you are capturing that unforgettable landscape image. Although most cameras today have a built in light meter, as a serious landscape photographer you will want to accurately measure the light available to you.

A cable release is a great accessory that will be well worth its weight in gold for those long-range exposures. Even the slightest vibration can have an impact on your photograph. Using a cable release will allow you to snap the shutter at the exact second you want it snapped, capturing the scene you want without delay, eliminating the slightest camera shake which can happen just by depressing the shutter button.

Other helpful accessories to add to your camera bag are plenty of spare batteries, a number of spare lenses and also a grey card to check exposure. Investing in these small accessories will be well worth the cost.

Written by Maria Fernanda Gonzalez — January 06, 2015

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