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                                  Photography is a wonderful way to capture a single moment in time. There are hundreds of cameras to choose from. Two major types are film and digital cameras. In the past, film cameras have taken great quality shots and most allow you to manually adjust the aperture and shutter speed settings. With the current technology of digital and digital SLR cameras, taking pictures has become significantly easier and more cost effective.

SLR digital photography is a digital version of the traditional camera. With a camera body and in most cases, removable lenses, you are able to take those fabulous photos a traditional camera would have taken. Digital photography not only meets but supersedes the performance of traditional cameras. With built in pre-sets taking action shots or landscape shots hasn’t been easier. Here are a few digital SLR tips to add to your photography knowledge base:


When you take a picture, you may want to convey a certain emotion, or atmosphere. This can be easily achieved by being selective about the color scheme in your image space. Patterns found on your subject or within the environment can also affect the overall mood of the image. Applying certain color filters can create an aged effect. You may want to experiment with contrasting or complimenting color schemes. And mix and match patterns within your image. Colors are significant to your photo.

Environment/Lighting Conditions

Lighting is very important in a picture. The presence and absence of light defines your subject and contributes to the feeling of the image. There are several lighting sources. Weather is often used to create photo effects. A dark and cloudy day can make the overall feeling of your photo sad, or scared. Whereas a bright, sunny day can make your photo look more lively, alive, or happy, or energetic. You can also imitate certain emotions through specific lighting. Additional lighting can be useful as well. The flash on your camera can be used emphasize your subject. You could try overexposing your subject to let more light into your camera lens. Spotlights could also be used to create more depth of your subject. Lighting can have so many effects on your pictures.

Other techniques

Here are some other techniques that you can use to make your photos stand out. Try taking some macro, or close up shots on small objects. You can set your camera to a macro setting or you could try using a magnifying glass to make your object larger. How about motion shots? Adjust your camera so that the shutter speed is slow and increase your F-stop. When you are ready to take your picture, snap and move your camera slightly. This will create a nice blur effect. Try taking pictures through glass. You could use a rain or water sprinkled window or maybe even a frosty window for holiday shots. Use your environment and already existing elements. Inspiration is everywhere.

When you are setting up for your image, take your time and find the right settings that will compliment what you have in mind.

Written by Thelma Nurman — January 13, 2015

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