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                       When you take photographs, you are creating a record of a place and time for people who could not be there and also making a document that will last forever and provide memories for friends and family.

There are several different kinds of photography for a novice to try out during the learning process; while more experienced photographers can always keep pushing the envelope, experimenting with new techniques. Each different style of photography has its own special focus, so it is important for a new photographer to master each technique before moving on to try something new. Naturally, each person should focus on his or her interests and direct their studies accordingly. Keep in mind that when it comes to equipment, sometimes your choice of style might require a significant budget. If you are really serious into getting in to photography then your 5 megapixel phone cam will not be enough :)

Wedding Photography
Wedding photography is often practiced by those who would like to take their hobby and turn it into a successful career. Photographing wedding parties is very much portrait work, as the genre relies on simple subjects and clean images of the participant. Making subjects attractive is the goal of the wedding photographer. Thus, to learn effective techniques for wedding photographs, one should focus on lighting, subject placement and creating solid backgrounds.

Landscape Photography
The idea of landscape photography is to discover and capture unique views of land and nature, wherever it may be in the world. A landscape photographer can potentially create a dynamic portfolio from a relatively limited subject, shooting it from different angles at different times of day, in different seasons, and also with the option of manipulating the source of light. A small subject can be incredibly versatile in this way. Landscape photography is also very popular and a good photographer can generally sell their best shots in the proper venues for a high price.    

Wildlife Photography
Wildlife photography requires a very specialized technique. It is a very versatile form of photography, but at the same time limiting, as the photographer is often at the mercy of wild beasts, or is forced to shoot subjects from a significant distance. For this reason, many will use fairly stylized equipment to capture quality shots of animals from far away using a high powered zoom lens, in order to maintain individual safety and also to avoid disturbing the subject.

Written by Alexandre Verdageur — January 20, 2015

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