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                                    If you own a digital camera, chances are you know how quickly the ‘juice’ in your new batteries dies out.  In fact, one of the top complaints of people utilizing battery operated and powered digital cameras is that battery life is substantially less in these devices than it is in many other forms of technical media.  Choosing the right canon camera battery can greatly increase your battery life and can take the frustration out of being left with a camera that is essentially useless due to poor battery life.
 Many people believe that one of the easiest ways to avoid using less than desirable batteries is to choose Canon camera batteries.  Canon has been the leader in the camera industry for many, many years.  In recent years, they have started production of canon camera batteries that are specifically designed to hold up to the power surges of a digital camera.  Canon camera batteries can normally effectively stay charged for taking up to 600 pictures, and more in many instances.
In order to find the right battery for you, you should check your owner’s manual that came with your digital camera.  If you own a Canon camera, then you will be able to find the specific Canon camera battery replacement for your camera.  Each battery model is tagged with the make and model of the battery that they recommend for your camera.
Another benefit to the Canon camera batteries is that the rechargeable camera batteries are normally recharged in full, in less than two hours; you can use an effective charger like the Canon CB-5L battery charger.  The rechargeable camera batteries are of course more expensive in the beginning.  But in the long run, you end up saving money and time because they will not need to be replaced very often.  Plus, the Canon camera battery charging packs often plug into both and electrical outlet and the outlet in your car, which gives you the functionality of portability.
There are a few tips you should know to extend the life of your canon camera batteries.
 • The first thing is to make sure that the batteries do not get too hot.  Whether you are using canon batteries or another brand, they should NEVER get too hot.  And, it is best if you remove them from your camera when not in use.  This way, you won’t be running down the charge on the battery for no reason.
• And secondly, always make sure to power your camera off.  If you manually power down your camera, instead of allowing it to go into sleep mode, you can extend the life of your camera by 50%.
• Store your batteries OUT of your camera.  This may inconvenient, but it is definitely the best way to ensure that the batteries aren’t drained unnecessarily.
 You will find that canon camera batteries are the best choice for your digital camera needs.  They are made by a camera company FOR cameras!

Written by Thelma Nurman — February 07, 2015



I’d purchased this case for my Canon SD 750 in attncipaiion of dive activity in the Pacific Northwest and a visit to Catalina Island, CA. I should add, I’d been disappointed by another purchase for a different camera, so I was attentive to details on this purchase. The camera and case were highly recommended by a very experienced diver who showed me his results. The camera and case performed well with no leaks or problems, and I am very pleased. Before I used the camera for scuba diving, I took the time to familiarize myself with the camera and its controls. I closed the camera case carefully and avoided damage to the case before and during the dive. I’m very pleased with the camera and the WP case. I’d gotten results that were much better than a more expensive purchase I’d made a few years ago. I’ve used the camera and case repeatedly, and it continues to provide an excellent seal. I do remove the O-ring between dives to clean it and relube it. This arrangement has served me well for 18 months, and I can safely recommend it to others.The only accessories or improvements I’d arguably like to see would be an off-camera flash or flash arm to minimize backscatter, but that would make this handy camera a bit more cumbersome.

March 23 2015

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