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            It seems like everywhere we look today something has initials. It’s the same in the world of technology. The answer to the question, what is UDMA is Ultra Direct Memory Access. Prior to UDMA, the fastest way to transfer data was through a computer and another ATA device was interface. Then we improved to Serial ATA. What UDMA does is single/multiword DMA as the choice interface between your computer and ATA devices. By using it, you can quickly transfer data from a hard disk drive. It goes through the data paths of your computer into the RAM of your computer.

UDMA is two times faster as the former DMA. It offers one of the largest private clouds in the world. They allow you to easily tackle enterprise capacity and performance by combining flash and HDD storage.

Both Quantum Corporation and Intel combined in this proposed industry standard. By combining a leader in the making of hard disk drives and the leader of makers in chipsets, they were able to create the UDMA.

When you have UDMA installed in your computer system, it will not only boot more quickly, but it will also open any new application at a faster rate. If you’re one of the many users with graphics-intensive or other applications in large access on your hard drive, then UDMA is great for you. It will give you CRC—Cyclical Redundancy Checking which will mean you have a higher level of protection for your data.

In order to add UDMA, you simply have to install an Ultra DMA/33. This is a peripheral component interconnect adapter card. It allows interface.

Storage that is software-defined seems to be on the mouths of everyone in this type of business. Where do you save your data and how do you get it there is an all important question. If you’re wondering if the UDMA is worth the trouble, you should check out the 12th edition of Storage magazine/SearchStorage.com. In 2014, they highlighted a total of 19 data sources they felt were excellent in a total of six different categories. They have a very unique process for qualification. It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned veteran or a new startup, you can submit your product for inspection. UDMA was voted to be number one in its category.

Cloud real estate is definitely the way to go. With UDMA, you have access to a very large piece of cloud real estate. There you can archive your data without any problem at all. You know it’s safe and secure whenever you need to use it, it is easily accessible. That gives any videographer/photographer peace of mind knowing their data is safe.

In answer to the question, “What is UDMA,” the answer is simple. If you are either a photographer or videographer who wants quality product that looks professional and you want to be able to keep it safely and easily retrieve it whenever you want it, then UDMA is the answer you’ve been looking for.


Written by Thelma Nurman — April 28, 2015

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