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                      If you are serious about your digital photography, then you must know that how you format your memory card/compact flash is a very important step that needs to be done properly. When you format your  compact flash card, you delete file extensions, delete photos, and totally clean your storage device. By formatting the storage device on a regular basis, it will keep you from having file errors and data files that are corrupt. It will also free up space on the card for more photos.

Here are the steps you need to take when you want to format your compact flash card for HD video:

You’ll have photos you want to keep on the CF card. You want to be sure and have them backed up before you format your compact flash card. You can store them on DBD, CD, or on your computer’s hard drive. You should have software for photo management on your computer that makes a good storage location for your pictures.

You want to make sure you turn your camera off. Then, you insert your compact flash card you wish to format. Look for the Canon SLR camera’s side door. Slide it open gently to insert the card. The side of the card with small holes should be facing the inside part of the camera. Once it is placed in, you can shut the door.

After that, you can turn your camera on. Look on the back for the menu button It Look through the menu for tools which is on the top part of the view screen. Next, you need to scroll down until you find the “format” function section and highlight it to select it.

Look for a button that says “set” or select. It will be on the back of your camera. Push it and you will be selecting that format feature. Once you do that, a warning will pop up on your screen. The warning is a safety feature to be sure you really want to format your compact flash card. Pushing the button again will select the format option for good.

Your screen will show an LCD task bar. It shows the format progress as it completes. It only takes a few seconds to format your compact flash card HD video. It can depend on the size your card is or the data amount you wish to erase, but it shouldn’t take longer than a minute.

Once your format is completed, you will automatically return to the menu. If you push the menu button again, it will take you out of the menu system completely. Look once again on the back of your camera for a triangular playback button Once you push it, it should say that you don’t have any images. It should read “no images or “no data.” Notice that after the format is complete, you will return to the menu. Push the menu button to get out of the menu system. Press the triangular playback button on the back of your camera. If you have formatted your compact flash card correctly, your screen should read “no data” or “no images.”

Once your format is complete, you will have a completely blank canvas once again to create many more works of art you’ll be proud of.

Written by Maria Fernanda Gonzalez — May 22, 2015

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