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                       If you are among those who has an eye for beauty, can capture moments, and use light to produce the best images, then the best business that you may have is starting your own photography business. Although it may seem simple but you have to follow certain steps before you can successfully run your business. They are as follows


Step 1. Take a professional course or have a mentor


You may be an expert photographer, but when you are about to start business, you should undergo a professional course so that you know about the professional perspective of the job. Having a mentor is also a good move as they would not only guide you with software but also give you some contacts.


Step 2. Have some hands on experience


You cannot expect to become an ace photographer by spending few hours in an institute. There are so many types of photography, and you need to have hands on experience on at least some of them for learning. You may get only few dollars in return for all these, but the experience gathered would surely b handy.


Step 3. Build your portfolio


Next, you need to make a portfolio that would be attractive and creative. With the help of this you can showcase your skills in front of your clients. Hence, be specific and careful while making one.

Step 4. Arrange for finances


The most crucial part. You may not have the required fund while you are in the inception stage. You may arrange for a loan or ask for help from friends and relatives. You need to be very specific with your taxes and accounts in the long run, thus maintain everything properly


Step 5. Sourcing Equipment and hiring studio


The quality of your images would depend upon the cameras and the other equipment that you would be using. Good lenses would let you capture the best moments along with cf cards. Hence, never compromise on it and go for the best. In the beginning when you have cost constraints, you may travel to locations. However, keep your eyes struck on having a studio and you may start with renting one.


Step 6. Start networking and promote your business


When you are done with everything, it’s time to let people know about you. Thus, start networking and attend photography seminars or gatherings and let people know about your photography.

Gradually when you grow, you may use various marketing ways for promoting your business. In the meantime, if required hire a help and never forget to complete all the statutory formalities.

Written by Thelma Nurman — July 06, 2015

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