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         Wild life photographers are the most creative people in this world. Taking pictures of moving objects is not as easy as you think. Many wild life photographers will be waiting for just one click the entire day. In many television channels like discovery or net geo, you can see that wild life photographers will stand at their exact place for hour and hour, just to get one perfect click of animals. Taking a picture of a living thing and that too in motion is not an easy task. Let it be a running leopard or flying bird or let’s say hunting lion, taking pictures of them is not that easy. There are many tips or let’s say secrets you should know while taking wild life photographs.

First always have a perfect focus point. Adjust your camera settings so that when a perfect scenario is there you can click and get your picture. Adjust your camera settings like minimum shutter speed, your focus point etc.

Always follow “rule of third” which is very important in professional photography.
Always have time and patience, these two magical words can help you to become a famous photographers. A perfect click does not come easily. You just have to wait and wait, time goes on. What i am trying to tell you is guys that spend more time with animals so that you can know more about their habits and you can know them well. Then you will know which time is best to take a perfect click.

Always consider your background environment also. Even your environment tells a lot of things about your picture.
All wild life photographers will have telephoto lenses. These lenses are very important. This usually will be long of around 300 to 500 mm. This helps in focusing and capturing perfect clicks.

For fresher ones, start looking for famous photographers galleries. Practice makes a man more perfect, you have heard of this sentence more often. Well, this sentence is for you. You should practice, and then only you will become perfect.

As always bring plenty of spare equipment in case of malfunctions while in the woods, like batteries and battery chargers just in case

Your photographs should be in such a way that it should tell the whole story about the photograph. Capturing movements is not an easy task. All you need some time, patience and knowledge and also your creative thinking. So pack your bag and start traveling across the world and click awesome pictures of wild animals. After all you are a wild life photographer; show your photography to the world.

Written by Katie Thorpe — August 31, 2015

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