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              Memories are something you will always cherish in your life. You can also capture those happy memories in your camera. Taking photos while you are traveling is always a favorite past-time people will tend to. But you know something?Those pictures can change your life. Now let’s talk about tips before you start packing your bag.


  • First start searching for your location where you want to travel, a place where you can sit, relax and click some pictures. And always carry important things in your bag like portable batteries, charger, and flash light because carrying a big bag will not help you and you will not be able to enjoy your journey.

  • Always have a camera bag and telephoto lens with yourself. Adjust your white balance settings because it helps in adjusting color temperature.

  • Go for candid pictures, a candid picture always tells about some story behind it.

  • Always take pictures during magic hours, because that is the best time to click pictures without rush and public.

  • Take a picture which tells some stories just by looking at it.

  • Take a picture in such a way that all the focus should be on the subject.

  • Always keep your camera filters close. There many types of filters such as LEE filters, co-kin etc. It helps in removing reflections. But during night remove your protective filters.

  • Always go for wide aperture, so that you can blur your photo’s background. If you want to take a picture of moving animal then you should increase your ISO so that you can get faster shutter speed.

  • There are many types’ lenses for different purposes. Like for traveling purpose always go for wide angle lenses (landscape photography), for all rounder purposes go for mid range zoom lenses.

  • Shooting during sunset during holidays is the best you can ever do. You can optimize your white light settings. And trust me you will get one best shot ever.

Holidays are those time where you relax and spend some time with your loved ones. Never spoil your holidays with office work. To become a professional photographer, you should know some basics and to know basic you need time, patience and practice. These three key words are very important in the photography world. Just take out your camera and start clicking pictures which will be there for memories forever.

Written by Lucy Portman — August 21, 2015

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