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Candid photographs often can be the best photos in your collection. Candid photo shooting can capture the purest moments and the most genuine emotions. These photos are taken without the subjects' preparation, you can either surprise them or just letting them do whatever they're doing and capture some interesting moments without their knowledge.

So obviously there is no posing involved in the process, but even so, it doesn't mean that you cannot set something up to get better pictures. Here are some ideas that can help you capture great candid moments:


Everyone loves to go on a picnic. Pick a beautiful outdoor spot where there is grass in a bright sunny day with a basket full of nice looking treats. It could be just parents and the kids, or you can also take grandma and grandpa to come along. You won't believe how many great moments can be captured from this simple picnic.


Take your kids to the beach and arm them with a plastic shovel and a bucket, then watch them from a distance with your camera. Kids have unbelievable imagination, you don't have to tell them what to do to get some great pictures out of this situation.


Buy some colorful kites and go to an open field, get everyone busy having fun with their kites, they will ignore you completely even though they know you're taking pictures. Make sure you check on the weather before you go.


Rainy might not be the right time to go on a picnic or playing with kites on an open field, but it's still perfect for candid photo shoots. Kids love playing in the rain, just let them play with a ball or something and put on your raincoat. The rain water can create some amazing effects on the pictures.


Get a set of finger painting supply and get the whole family involved. Don't forget to make everyone wears white clothing and have fun. Use some strong and bright colors, you can get some colorful mess that will look beautiful.

Car wash

Washing your car together with your family on Sunday morning can create some wonderful moments that would look great on photographs. Just play some splashes game using hoses and buckets while you wash the car and have a photographer hiding somewhere to take your pictures.


Playground is another great place where you can get lots of beautiful shots of your kids. Just let them play with their friends and capture their happiness from a distance. There are a lot of interesting stuff they can play with in the playground, so you can get a lot of variations.


If you want to capture some memorable pictures of your family with your relatives and friendly neighbors, invite them for a barbecue party in your backyard, doing some candid shots in such occasion won't be too hard to do as everybody will be busy cooking, having some friendly conversation, laughing and playing together.


I hope some of these ideas bring you some great results and as always be certain to bring spare compact flash cards just in case you need them.

Written by Alexandre Verdageur — September 16, 2015

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