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         If you have kids, whether in kindergarten, elementary school or higher grades of education, there must be quite many photos of your children hanging on a wall in your house dedicated to family photos. A lot of these photos usually telling the story about how your children grow up, including how they went through their education. School photos have always become an important part of family history, that's why no matter how ridiculous they might be, they still end up on that wall. But why hanging ridiculous pictures if you can have some great looking ones? You just need to find the right person to do the job.


Here is how you can find a great school photographer who can help you create great pictures of your children:


Get recommendations from people you know


Asking for recommendations from people you know is always a great idea when it comes to finding the right photographer, because these people will give you their honest opinions regarding the school photographers they hired. If you're simply looking at some testimonials on their websites, then most likely you only see fake reviews.


Talk to the photographer who will work on your project


If you choose a photography agency, then you probably will not be talking to a person who will actually take the pictures. So ask the agency about who will be assigned to work on your project and talk to the person. Ask for some photo samples taken by that photographer.


Checkout the working capacity of the agency


Some agencies can only provide one photographer with a couple of staff members for the picture day. What happen is, the school has to do a lot of work and get some volunteers to help out. Make sure that everything can be taken care of by the agency so all children can have fun without having to do any volunteer work.


Be sure about the quality


Make sure the photographer has experience working with children by checking out the sample photos. Taking photos of children is a lot harder than working with adults, so you better be sure that the photographer is capable of doing the job. School pictures represent a very important stage of your children's life, so you have to make sure that there will be no mistake.


Purchase options


Find out what purchase options they can offer to parents. For school photo projects, the options are usually either they send the photo package home and give options to the parents whether they want to purchase it or not, or they will send forms to parents and they can decide whether they want to have their children's pictures taken by a professional or not and they can send money if they agree. The second option is actually better because there will no wastage.




Take a look at the photographers' equipment and make sure they have good quality equipment to do their job. They must at least have high quality digital cameras. Digital cameras will reduce cost and also reduce the need for retakes. Ask if he has a spare camera  battery charger to be certain the batteries are fully charged, this makes a difference in camera performance.

Written by Maria Fernanda Gonzalez — September 21, 2015

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