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                         If there is something that never stops changing, it's technology. In the world of photography, technology plays a major part in the development of cameras. New technology is usually introduced to solve a problem or to answer the demand for a better device. That's exactly why the DSLR technology was invented, to provide a better device than its predecessors in order to answer the demand for better quality photos.

In order to get high quality photographs, a photographer must be able to have more control over the camera and the exposure of the photo. If you can adjust the shutter speed, aperture, and ISO perfectly, you will be able to turn a normal photo into a stunning image. This is what the DSLR technology is all about, which is providing all the right features in a camera needed for creating beautiful images while at the same time giving maximum control power to the person operating the camera.


The time needed for starting up and focusing in a camera is really important, the shorter time it needs the bigger chance you have to capture important moments. In DSLR cameras, shutter lag is usually around one to one and a half second, which is really fast compared to a regular point and shoot camera. Some cameras could take up to five to ten seconds just to start up and another two seconds to focus, plus another two seconds just to record the photo to the card. It may not seem much, but that's actually more than enough delay for you to miss big moments.


You can use a wide range of different lenses with DSLR cameras, which is a very useful feature. The more varieties of lenses you can use the more unique style of images you can produce.

Image Quality

DSLR cameras can produce high quality images because they have large image sensors that can capture large pixel sizes. This will make them able to produce more detailed and much clearer pictures.

Optical Viewfinder

Some earlier digital point and shoot cameras also have this feature, but the problem is what you see in the viewfinder often not the same as the actual result. The newer versions of point and shoot cameras usually come without this feature anymore, and they just replace it with a large screen. But still, the screen doesn't display the exact sharpness and color of the photo. DSLR cameras on the other hand, come with optical viewfinder and the screen that will display the color and sharpness of the pictures being taken.

Manual Controls

DSLR cameras allow you to manually control the settings through menus or on the fly, giving you the freedom to adjust the focus for example, from shot to shot without wasting your time going through the manual settings in the menus every time.

Depth of Field

This feature can put a dramatic effect in every picture being taken, because it allows you to focus on a certain part of the image.


In all DSLR cameras are very effective at attaining decent images, this plus the proper accessories including battery chargers like the MH-24 from Nikon will make your hobby or profession optimal.

Written by Lucy Portman — August 27, 2015

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