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                     Night Portraits can be tricky as they usually require experimenting with artificial lighting. Here, we will share some photography tips on using Flash for Night Portraits:

If you love to take night-time photo shoots they often present a problem or two. One major problem is when including an element of interest in the background like architecture. In many of the cases a tripod can be used for stabilizing the camera because of the slow shutter speeds that are used with low-light photography.
However, even if you use a tripod, your subject will have to remain imposing to prevent blurring. Those of you who have tried portraits at night, you’ll understand that availing of clean sharp shots is not at all possible if there’s movement. This is where a higher quality compact flash card is important for use.
  The flashlight of your camera will come in handy: Here are some ways which will help you take night photography using a flashlight:

When you use a flashlight at night it will help you in avoiding avoid tripping in the dark and it also serves as an excellent light-painting tool. Your camera’s flashlight also comes in handy when you have to highlight a dimly lit area. There are many picturesque vies of the sky that take place after the sun goes down. This is why you have to be focused and travel safely in the dark.

External Flash: The external flash of your camera can be utilized as an excellent source for fill light when provoked manually off-camera. When you have set up your tripod and exposure you can manually use the flashlight to light up the darker areas off scene. At the time of a 30 second exposure, you will be able to pop up your flash many times in different directions. If you wish to play around with the flash power you’ll have to set it on Manual Mode and adjust accordingly.

Making use of a flashlight for light painting: If the subject that you want to shoot with your camera is too dark make use of your camera’s flash light to instill some light to it. In this way you will be able to get some awesome shots by painting with the light and that too when you are using different colors.
These are therefore some of the ways which will help you to make use of your flashlight to get cool night time photos.

Written by Thelma Nurman — September 29, 2015

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