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          A significant aspect regarding doing a professional photo shoot would be to pick a location that will be able to fits your persona. You can begin by making a list of certain distinctive attributes that you want to display. After that you’ll have to think of locations that you'd think are great and visualize some photographs that you could take there. You can kick start your outdoor photo session by taking a look around you a few days before.
There are lots of us that never take time to simply look around while they are go just across the street to their most desired café or are on their way to work. There will be many times that you will be able to find many outdoor photo shoot locations right around you. Prepare a list of at least three different choices. Devote some time to notice what time it was when you checked it out. It is nice to find a place which compliments your persona. Below are some of the weird places to have an outdoor photo shoot:

Downtown: If you are staying near a city or a trendy spot where people like to hang out in then simply take a walk downtown sometime and locate many cool places that you will be able to capture in one 30 min-1 hr long session! (Brick buildings, parking garages, benches, funky doorways/window frames, capture your subject walking down the sidewalk...the list goes on!

Are you interested in adding some grit or contrast to your cf cards? Take a stroll to your local junkyard and ask for permission to use the location for a shoot. Your local junkyard will be able to add contrast if you had a female wearing a bathing suit or a formal cocktail dress and it certainly adds some amount of grit to your images no matter what your subject may be wearing.

You can say bye-bye to the parks as they are so overpopulated and well, expected! Instead, you can surprise your client and take them on a short hike through a nature trail. Nature trails are awesome as you will stumble across many interesting parts of nature to play within your photos. You may see a lake, a riverbed, maybe a beautiful part of the forest provided that you are shooting a couple, have them carve their names in the tree and take a personalized portrait.

Written by Alexandre Verdageur — October 08, 2015

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