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                Being able to capture the best colors of nature is just an incredible thing for any photographer. The nature has all those vivid and extremely beautiful tones that will look incredible in a frame. Autumn is one of the best times of the year to take some stunning photographs featuring those spectacular natural colors. The red, orange and yellow colored leaves of fall foliage in a national park or forest floor really create a dazzling effect.

Just when the climate starts to change from mild to colder temperatures, it will affect the trees foliage and change their colors. The colors will depend on the tree type, so the more tree species in one area the more colors you will see. For example the sugar maple leaves will display bright red color, while the aspen and beech leaves display bright yellow color. These amazing colors only last until the winter comes, by that time these leaves will turn to brown and dull. So you better use that short time you have wisely if you want to get some amazing autumn photos this year.

In order to get your best shots of the autumn scenery, there are some important basic knowledge that you need to understand. The first important thing you need to understand is the lighting. Basically you can use all kinds of lighting situation, because different type of lighting will provide different opportunities to get great pictures. The key is how you incorporate the right technique and how you make the best use of your gear in order to take the best pictures under any lighting condition. But this is not always easy, unless you're a professional photographer who has a lot of high end photography gears and understand various photography techniques, there will be times that you will have to struggle to get decent pictures under certain lighting conditions this is when a decent compact flash card will help as well.

For amateurs, it's usually easier to get great pictures with stunning tones under overcast skies. This will eliminate the harsh highlights during bright sunny days. However, when you're taking landscape images, a bright blue sky is a nice lighting option, it would make a terrific background and you won't have to worry about harsh highlights when taking landscape images.

Another important aspect is the perspective and composition matters of your photographs. There are so many elements that you can work with during the autumn, so keep your mind focus every time you're taking a picture. Take your time without missing the moment and always think how you will take a certain image and what elements you want to include in the picture. Autumn is great because it provides you with many beautiful colors, but if you incorporate too many wrong elements you're photos will look like a mess. Try different techniques like zooming on a single leaf or focus on a group of leaves, or you could also try to get a panoramic autumn scene. Don't just concentrate on foliage, but try to include some great elements like a water stream, rocky foreground or mountain range.

Written by Thelma Nurman — October 22, 2015

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