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                  Have you ever paid attention to some family photos of different families and wonder why they all look similar? Everyone seems to wear matched clothing with well-arranged poses and a dull background. Everyone is smiling or simply showing a straight face and probably the kids have gone bug-eyed because they've been posing too long. Most families are not that boring in real life, especially those with young kids, so pictures like these don't really represent these families.

There are a lot of different things going on in a family and a lot of different emotions, there are happy times, crazy times, silly times and everything in between. Those in between reactions are your best chances to catch the 'originality' of a family. Below are some great tips that you can apply so you can take some great family pictures and have fun with it.

1. Go outside the box (or literally go outside)

You don't always need to be in a studio to create a great family photo, in fact sometimes a photo studio can give that stuffy stiffed atmosphere that makes everyone act unnaturally. Probably because they're feeling nervous since this is not an ordinary setting that everyone is used to. So just go outside, there are lots of interesting places with great settings out there. Go to a park, visit a zoo, or take a trip somewhere beautiful, you can even just have a barbecue in your backyard if the setting is good enough. The important thing is for everyone to be relaxed, at ease with each other and just be themselves.

2. Think again to match clothing

Have you ever seen a family who wear matching clothing all the time? Probably not, and that's why a family photo with everyone wearing matching clothing doesn't look so real and believable. It doesn't mean that every family photo with matching clothing is bad, it just doesn't display the family as they are, while most of the time reality is more beautiful than something that's fixed or made up. So unless the family is wearing matching shirts every time they go out, then it's better not to wear them to the photo shoot. If you're wearing something that you're comfortable with, you will feel good and a good mood is something that you want to bring to a photo shoot.

3. Ignore the camera

Not everyone is a model, in fact a lot of people can get nervous as soon as they face the camera and have to pose to make a great picture, when that happens the result won't be good for sure. The best advice you can give to everyone is to ignore the camera, because the more they ignore it the more natural their gestures, and that will look good on camera.

Written by Darren Rowse — October 29, 2015

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