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Sony BC VW1 BCVW1 Quick Charger for W Series Batteries
The Sony NEX is a compact system camera that’s designed for photography buffs in mind. Its compact body is a comparable to other compact cameras of lesser quality yet the huge optical lens evident here in the picture is a standout in the crowd, giving the user the ability to take many close-up photos in a variety of lighting. This being said, the interchangeability of camera lens is not great but the oem lens is more than enough for enthusiasts looking for an edge over the lower quality cameras in the compact range.
When the NEX series was first introduced in Japan, it was a hug hit and since the debut back in 2010 it continues to be seen and used throughout the world. The W series battery is the standard utilized in the series which is powerful in itself, however one is advised to carry a spare battery and/or  Sony BC VW1 BCVW1 Quick Charger. The ability to take motion pictures ie videos, is a nice function of the camera but will consume the battery at a rapid pace.  
The camera itself was targeted for the user of compact cameras however its large lens makes it nearly impossible to put in a shirt pocket. It is a light weight model and nice for a small camera bag or attache carrying case in addition to my mac book. Sony has included High Def video shooting at HD 1080p at 50fps or 25fps with stereo sound and the very excellent ability to control the shutter speed, aperture and exposure compensation even during recording.
A very enjoyable camera overall for both the amateur and professional alike.

Written by Lucy Portman — February 11, 2016

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