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              Winters are everything about cold and vibrancy. When you want to schedule a shoot with a friend, your baby, your relative or even when you are the one who is going to be in front of the lens; cover enough. The person should be warm and comfortable. You can go for fashionable boots, furry jackets, beanies and don’t forget to put on that smile!

If the person in front of the camera and behind the lens, both are comfortable- Only then, the person can pose well, actually enjoy photographing, not rush around and get great results in the end.

With the mention of the word ‘rush’, it is ought to be told that never start deleting the pictures in the field. A lot of times, you can edit the pictures with amazing results and pictures on the camera screen appear pretty differently. Hence, never rush to delete pictures on the camera.

Best time to photograph
It is totally agreeable that winter photography is so much more dramatic than photography in other seasons, but what is the best time to capture a shot of a landscape or take a portrait of your model?

Capturing landscapes at times of sunrise and and sunset is so exciting and gives awesome snaps. It’s better to photograph landscapes in this time because firstly, the photographer doesn’t have to wake up really early and stay at the location for long. Secondly, the faded brightness and the snowy environment provide a paradoxical kind of effect to your pictures.

Snowfall time
One of the most sensational things to capture during winters, is snowfall. You might just be doing this search because it is snowfall time in your town or some might even be planning to go for a vacation where winters have marked snowfall episodes.

For good results, your camera should have a lens of a focal length of atleast 70 mm. A lens of focal length 200 mm gives majestic shots of the snowfall conditions, so if you have one then you are the lucky one.

Set up your camera to the fastest possible shutter speed, keep the aperture shallow and focus the camera on the snowflakes closer to the lens such that the background appears in depth and the snowflakes remain focused.

Mute that red nose
If your model has gotten her cheeks red as soon as the winter photography session starts, then it is splendid but a lot of times red noses don’t look so great in winter pictures. A very handy tip to avoid red nose in a winter picture is to set the red saturation at about -10 to -15 and the orange saturation at -5 to -10.

You can use the vignette technique to make the center of the shot more attractive, you can add contrast and color by yourself while editing. So keep yourself and the batteries of your camera warm and go outside. Photograph majestically and burn off those winter pounds!

Written by Thelma Nurman — February 26, 2016

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