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                    This ultra-slim mixer is probably the easiest thing to be carried around for a musician. This notebook shaped music mixer has a number of extremely appealing features and had won over almost every musician’s heart around the globe once it was launched. Well, certainly no surprises there.

It has eight built playback trackers such that each of the tracks further has eight tracks. The eight tracks within each track are called virtual tracks or V-tracks. This library of 64 playback tracks allows the musician to have an easy and instantaneous access to the recorded material. This feature also opens up the opportunity for the mixer to take records a number of times and then later pick up the favorite ones for the mix.

Though it comes with a 128 MB memory card, you can replace this memory card with that of a greater capacity because it has the Compact Flash memory card slot. It can be righteously said that any dullness in the track can be made louder, the fusion mixes can be perfected and any possible pitch issue of the record can be settled by Roland Boss BR-600.

The music amalgamate can turn out to be so good in the end because this notebook shaped music mixer has a pitch corrector, bass amp models with delay and chorus as well, EQ for every single channel and a COSM guitar as too.

The Roland Boss BR-600 is not only easy to take around, or to travel with but it has good enough reasons to be kept along most of the time of the day. Why is that so? This mixer provides a super quality when it comes to field recording. You’d just need this well equipped notebook if you want to record a band rehearsal or a gig. It has built in microscopes which catch the sounds like a monster!

It is pretty obvious that the news of no more manufacturing Roland Boss BR must have broken many musical hearts. This well-deserved popular device can be worked on an AC supply as well as on six AA batteries.

A lot of times the mix cannot be made perfect by a drumming record, and sometimes drumming is the vital part of the mix. The Roland Boss BR doesn’t disappoint here either because it has 300 different drumming/percussion patterns which can be put into use. The beats can also be programmed by velocity sensitive pads.

It might have been stopped coming into the market, but it is a divine mixer for musicians, composers and roadside bands. It personifies the richness of music and joy transfusing music brings to a person. This all happens at a fantastic level of ease, comparability and portability as well. Those who have owned one know it’s majestic and those who want to get their hands on one know it can bring peace to their musical minds!

Written by Alexandre Verdageur — March 08, 2016

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