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          Why this is an excellent entry-level workstation & Why you should choose this over other multi-track recorders

Out of all the Zoom R8 Reviews that you read – this could be the one that helps you cross the fence. If you’re looking to foray into the world of digital multi-track recorders, this workstation is the ideal break-into product for all uninitiated musicians; as well as a powerful supplemental tool for recording veterans.
When you start choosing which recorder to go for, many times your decision is focused on a majority of factors. For me, as a semi-professional musician, I can pretty much boil this down to these three:
-Recording quality
 -Ease of use
 -Extra incentives
The R8 outdoes itself in all three, to push itself above most competitors in its price range. This is supported by various Zoom R8 Reviews.
The sound quality is amazingly clear, sparking rabid reviews about people declaring its sound quality giving the big kids on the block like Tascam and Korg a run for their money.
For someone who despises the complexities of sound engineering, the Zoom R8 is incredibly intuitive, and easy to use, to the point where you’re looking through a feature and going in your head, “Wow, they thought of including THAT too?”
And with all the added-on perks like drum pads, rhythm machine, and the simulated guitar amps for guitarists such as me, the Zoom makes it almost ridiculously easy to come to a verdict about which product to buy in this particular price niche.
¦8-channel playback, 2-channel simultaneous recording
 ¦48V phantom power available on 2 tracks
 ¦Over 150 DSP effects including guitar amp models and mastering effects
 ¦Records on up to 32GB SDHC cards for maximum recording time
 ¦Two balanced XLR-1/4-inch combination inputs
The power that this device packs
Boasting specifications of 13.5 x 3.3 x 8.2 inches at 2.7 pounds – put into real life perspective – this has the footprint of an A4 sized sheet, so that it conveniently fits onto your desk, or a small table, for easy carry, use and portability. Run it on batteries; or from an adapter – your choice.
 This little beauty neatly breaks down all your recording and production needs into 4 simple parts:
-The Sampler – consisting of the drum pad, and the rhythm machine.
 -Audio Interface
 -A digital audio workstation (DAW) control surface
 -An 8-track recorder
Not only is it a multi track recorder with 8-track playback and 2-track simultaneous recording using SD memory cards, the R8 functions as a pad sampler, an audio interface and a control surface. With 24 built in voices with the ability to get triggered using 8 pads, the R8's sampler function packs a punch as big as the overall device. The 1.5GB of included rhythm patterns coupled with the drum machine can be used to create original backing beats, or can simply produce a metronome for tempo supervision.
Use any of the150+ DSP effects to enhance your recording and use the pro-quality mastering effects to finally get the sound that you have INSIDE your head onto an mp3 file, but be sure to read Zoom R8 Reviews about user experiences.
Review in short:
This is by far the best decision you could make as far as an alternative to software recording goes. As someone who places creativity over technical knowledge, I want my music to get out there, and I want it to sound as professional as possible. Period.
As a guitarist, I personally love that I can just plug my guitar in, tune up, and start using the multiple effects and amp simulation that Zoom has offered. After I’m done recording, I can even do mastering, and add return/send effects (reverb being my favorite). This workhorse is the blank canvas to your musical needs. Whether you’re looking to record, or simply plug in and rehearse to, using the drum machine provided, this machine can kill several birds with one extremely compact stone.
With the 2 inbuilt microphones, I can take my machine to a sardonically isolated location with my band, and create very decent sounding recordings of us playing live music.
Recording is done straight to SD cards – which made me breathe a sigh of relief – since I no longer have any hard disk crashing worries.
As a final word, for its price range, the R8 offers a lot of bang for the buck, seamlessly bridging the worlds of software and hardware recording.

Written by John S — March 18, 2016

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