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            Drones are more formally known as unmanned aircraft/ air flying vehicles that can fly autonomously- that is, without a human in control. The aircraft can be remotely controlled or can fly autonomously through software-controlled flight plans. More recently, drones have become popular in number of commercial applications such as drone surveillance, drone journalism and often for drone-based-photography.
The drones can fly to locations that would be impossible for a human to get, hence these are gaining popularity. The images obtained are spectacular. Personal drones are widely used by photographers for aerial photography which is growing wide in market and potential applications. Drone photography is widely used to obtain aerial and ground based filming, photography, editing and film creation. Drone photography provides an excellent source of beautiful and breathtaking images. Drone photography gives aerial videos and photos that are a breath of fresh air. Birds-eye views are quiet common photographs obtained by the drone cameras.

A wide range of drone cameras are available based on factors such as height that the drone can fly up to, the camera clarity, features and more such advanced features. For beginners one has to read the instructions manual and control features for the drone flying operations. A couple of practice sessions are essential before actually beginning the photography. One has to practice the flying and landing perfectly. This might take a while. Orientations can be very challenging for new pilots. Also to explore different angles for shots and light effects one has to explore and be patient to obtain photography that one desires. Also setting the camera and lens effect can take a while because the view that the drones offer is completely different than what we are used to normally. One can explore different angles and movements eventually and be satisfied with what has been captured. Drone photography offers a fresh new angle to photography and has gained wide popularity. Its versatility has been explored these days.

There are many types of drone cameras available in the market these days ranging from small drones to highly advanced yet simple operation drones. These are very user friendly and can be accessible to all. Drones are widely used for hobby purposes, by novice photographers to professional photographers. 

Written by Alexandre Verdageur — March 28, 2016

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