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It may not be among your favorite seasons, but autumn is definitely an awesome moment to capture and remember. During this chilly season, there might be some people who still cannot move on from their outdoor fun, while others have realized that they must prepare for the cold days which is by staying at their home.

Humans are undoubtedly fascinating, but nature is undefeated. If you are a keen photographer, either pro or amateur, there must be at least a moment in your life where you are amazed by the falling leaves, chilly wind, and orange shades. But have you ever tried to capture both humans and nature in one photograph?

Fascination of Harmony

Well, nature is unbearably amazing. There are no humans’ words that can define the border-less fascination shown by our nature to us. There are countless moments of serenity we can capture from the nature, from mountains to beach, from lakes to rivers, and from rains to wind. They are all just beyond our knowledge.

Regarding to autumn-themed photographs, we have seen plenty of them—from leaves to forests, from rivers to seas. They are all filled with those orange and yellow shades performing such unbelievably magnificent serenity. Once we see the photograph, we are like caught for a few seconds to a peace striking our mind.

Then what if we put an element of ‘disturbance’ to the photo? What if you drag the focus on to us, humans? Will there be any significant message you can pull out of it?
It could be. A little girl can be a kind of good alternative—putting her in front of the camera while all orange leaves are scattered just around her shoes. There is some kind of unity you are trying to reach, between humans and nature. It is like you want others to know that we, humans, are not all violent. Some of us are pretty sane to admit the fascination and power of nature.

Besides, you can opt to go among bare trees to see how the naked trunks are starting to show their crooked hands and body. it is like putting aside those great colors you often see from autumn photographs and then you are there among the naked trees to see another side of autumn and make people fall in love to the photograph, even more to their beautiful home.

Written by Alexandre Verdageur — September 19, 2016

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