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                          For some of us, camera filter problem can be turn from simple cliché problem into disastrous moment if we do not anticipate the problem well. In here we give you some useful tips, for choosing best camera filter to get perfection in your summertime photograph

Outdoor Scenery

Summertime always allure us to spend more time outside our room. Thus, outdoor photograph is absolutely famous in this season. Also, it is also impossible to capture best moment if you do not utilize your camera with necessary camera filter. First, polarizing and neutral density filter is absolutely in need for those who wants to get perfection in their summertime photograph. They are commonly use in natural landscape scenery. For example if you want to capture the dropping water in a tree or a strong water stream in waterfall. Without these two camera filter, you will find difficulties to get perfect image because the risk of blurry splash water from surrounding area.

Secondly, if you need to capture summertime moment in a place which is full of people, you need to use automatic flash and reflector camera filters. These two kinds of camera filters are useful for capturing vivid object in a crowded place like plaza or Public Park. While automatic flash help us to have more focus on our point of interest, the reflector filter help us banish several shadows in your object. The result is this filter can help us shaping the object with its saturation and dark-light complexion. Of course this feature is really useful for amateur photograph which is somehow find difficulties to determine the exact position in capturing moment.

Sunny Days Scenery

What people normally do in their summertime holiday? Of course most of the youngsters spend their time in beach with beautiful palm tree and tropical drinks. Well, several iconic imaginary of summertime activities are impossible to capture without these two camera filters: UV - Enhanced UV Filters and Didymium Filters. The first one help use reduce the abundant sun ray which will be affected our photograph quality, especially when we take a picture during a hot midday summer in outdoor scenery. The later is useful for a photograph which focused on solid material such as complex building, coral or landscape scenery. By emphasizing the saturation on various ranges of color such as orange, and red, this camera filter will help you create more rustic and unique scenery.

Written by Alexandre Verdageur — July 31, 2016

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