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Becoming an amateur photographer does not mean that you cannot push your limit in to something challenging. Yes, capturing sports photographs maybe for some of us is quite tricky. With those rapid movements, and bright flash light, somehow make this category is difficult to approach. But don’t worry by a few tips from us, you will find , practicing it is not too difficult anymore.

Understanding the situations Unlike the others photograph categories, sport photographs require special treatments. Through it depends on what kind of sport will you capture on, some basic question useful to figure your preparations. Is it an indoor or outdoor sport?

Outdoor sports sometimes need balance lighting setting, unlike the indoor ones. Where does it held? Some international levels tournament may be permit you to participate as amateur photograph, but it does not mean you do not have good preparation after all. You should calculate it carefully before you decide to participate in capturing the moments there. It is also recommended that you also familiar with the sport before. It will be difficult to attend a sport tournament without knowing or even have a passion about what’s going on there. By knowing your place, you can automatically add special value in your photographs.

Knowing and Maximize your Camera’s Setting And then after you have your own little research, now it is time to prepare the tools. Various camera setting is needed to achieve high quality photograph result. One of them is by using fast shutter speed. By using this tool, you do not need to spend much time to edit the blurring image result of your photograph. Especially if you want to take pictures in high speed sport such as motor racing or ice skating tournament. Another necessary requirement is use your camera’s Aperture Priority Mode. This mode is important to set amount of lights in your picture, especially for huge tournament such as football or baseball. Besides, do not forget to watch your ISO.

Alongside with Aperture Priority Mode and shutter speed, ISO consideration is also much important to achieve high quality result. This semi manual setting is once again depends on what kind of sport you attend. ISO setting for a football tournament in the bright sunny day certainly different with a super bowl big match in the afternoon. While you on the middle of sport tournament and going to capture your targets, do not hesitate to take a lot of photographs. The faster the game, the more you need to capture a lot of picture. For beginners, may be you feel quite unsure with your result. But think it later; do not spend your precious time to miss the moment. Just do and enjoy your moment!

Written by Maria Fernanda Gonzalez — July 13, 2016

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