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Through photography, we can reveal either dark side or bright side of an object. One can show how glorious the sun hanging above a wide borderless land. But, on another picture, with the same object as focus but different perspective, the sun can be expressed as a frightening object that can eat up the whole universe at once.

This thing is probably one magical power photography could spell. That makes more photographers find interest on various unique objects, such as school yard. Have you ever noticed a distinct atmosphere a school yard could produce? For several hours, it may look so alive, but then other several hours leave it in silence and calmness.

Joyful Hours

What do you feel as you are seeing children playing in full of joy? Their honest laughter is just irreplaceable. That makes you desire to capture the moment and freeze them there in your photos. It can be a very great way to capture moments in a school yard, which is in fact so closely associated with children world.

You can get portraits of them so that their laugh can be explicitly presented on your photos. Their showing their teeth, with faces so radiant are unbelievably peaceful for some people. Yet, this might take enough observation and patience until you find the right moment to show what you are looking for from the joy in that school yard.

Serene Playground

Unfortunately, those happy children are not forever there, at the school yard. In just a few hours then, the only thing that is left at the place is the empty swing, old metal slide or abandoned football post. As those children left, the place turned so blankly that we could barely see emotions from it. But, it is certainly worth capturing.

The contrasted atmosphere intensifies the attractiveness of this quiet school yard which is temporarily left by its lovers. The swing, metal slide and football post replace the laughter of children. But, they are kind of amazing objects to capture. There is a sense of calmness brought by the empty playground.

Random Objects

Even some random wooden chairs abandoned at one corner of the school yard can be a really fascinating object to capture. There are so many unpredictable objects we can find at a school yard. It gives us a glimpse of how the school and children conduct their activities in the building. 

Written by Alexandre Verdageur — October 14, 2016

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